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Portrayed by
First seen
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Episode count
Fern Mason
Also known as
Manner of death
Family members
Henry Mason - Brother
Mrs. Mason - Late Sister-in-law
Eleanor Mason - Sister-in-law
Bree Weston - Niece
Rex Van De Kamp - Late Nephew-in-law
Orson Hodge - Former Nephew-in-law
Trip Weston - Nephew-in-law
Andrew Van de Kamp - Great-Nephew
Danielle Van de Kamp - Great-Niece
Benjamin Katz - Great-Great-Nephew


Fern is Bree's aunt, whom Bree speaks fondly of. She was a mother figure to Bree after her mother's death. At Bree and Rex's wedding, Bree told Fern how happy she was and Fern told her, "The best is yet to come". Fern lives in Philadelphia.

Season 3

Fern is seen as a guest at Bree and Orson's wedding.

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