Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman is a music composer.


Elfman was born on May 29, 1953 in Los Angeles, California. During the 1970s, he and his older brother Richard started a musical troupe while they were in Paris. It was named "Magic Knights of Oingo-Boingo". The name of the troupe changed many times before it finally became "Oingo-Boingo". Tim Burton, who was a fan of "Oingo-Boingo" at the time, befriended Elfman. Together they created the Burton-Elfman partnership that started with Elfman compising for "Pee-wee's Big Adventure". The Burton-Elfman collaboration continued with the hit "Batman" movies. Elfman has been called "Hollywood's Hottest Film Composer".

"I get drawn to things that don't make any sense, but I learned early on not to resist that." ~Danny Elfman


Elfman has composed music for many television series as well as theatrical cinema such as Spider-Man and Alice in Wonderland.

Desperate Housewives

Elfman has won awards for his work on Desperate Housewives. Elfman has won


Spider-Man Soundtrack- Main Title03:30

Spider-Man Soundtrack- Main Title

Desperate Housewives Main Theme00:40

Desperate Housewives Main Theme

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