Ilene Britt
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Ilene Britt
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Manner of death
Fairview, USA
Family members
Edie Britt - Daughter
Unnamed son
Helen McCann - Daughter
Austin McCann - Grandson
Travers McLain - Grandson
Benjamin Katz - Great-Grandson
Charles McLain-Former Son-In-Law
Umberto Rothwell-Ex-Son-In-Law
Dave Dash-Son-In-Law
Mr.McCann - Ex-Son-In-Law

Ilene Britt is the mother of Edie Britt.


When Edie was 11 years old, Ilene and her husband separated. Mr. Britt started dating another woman with a little girl. When he was moving his stuff out Ilene brought Edie to the cinema because she didn't want to see him. When they returned, he had taken Edie's collection of toy horses. Ilene was furious and rang him immediately but he said that Edie was too old for the toys and that his new girlfriend's daughter would enjoy them more. She died alone in a trailer watching game shows. When Edie was pretending to try and get pregnant with Carlos Solis, Ilene appeared to Edie in a dream telling her that Carlos would leave her like all the others and she would die alone just like her. Edie keeps a photo of Ilene by her bed.

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