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Jane Hainsworth
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Jane H
Portrayed by
Last seen
"I Remember That" (casket)
Appeared in
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Episode count
Jane Hainsworth
Also known as
Manner of death
Family members
Jeff - Father
Renee - Mother
Ian Hainsworth - Widower
Dahlia Hainsworth - Mother-in-law
Graham Hainsworth - Father-in-law
Nigel Hainsworth - Brother-in-law
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Jane Hainsworth was the wife of Ian Hainsworth. She died while in a coma.


Season 3

Jane was Ian's wife, who is in a coma after falling off a horse. She is in the coma ward where Ian meets Susan. She later dies without regaining consciousness. Despite being romantically involved with her husband, Susan visits and helps care for Jane at the hospital. Eventually she died in her coma due to a pressure drop.

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