Leo Katz
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Leo Katz
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Leo Katz
Also known as
Manner of death
ECO Lawyer
Family members
Danielle Katz - Ex-Wife
Benjamin Katz - Former Adoptive Son
Andrew Van de Kamp - Ex-Brother-In-Law
Alex Cominis - Ex-Brother-In-Law
Bree Hodge - Ex-Mother-In-Law
Rex Van de Kamp - Ex Father In Law
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Leo Katz is Danielle Van de Kamp's ex-husband. He adopted Benjamin Katz, Danielle's son, which she had with Austin McCann.


Season 5

Danielle returns home to visit her mother, Bree Hodge, with Benjamin and Leo. At Danielle's welcome home party, Katherine Mayfair asks Leo where he went to college. He replies that he went to Cornell. Danielle and Leo leave with Benjamin the next morning. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

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