Morty Flickman
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Portrayed by
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
First mentioned
Episode count
Mortimer Flickman
Also known as
Manner of death
Restaurant Owner
Family members
Dolores Flickman - Late Wife
Sophie Bremmer - Wife
Susan Mayer - Step-Daughter
Julie Mayer - Step-Grandaughter
MJ Delfino - Step-Grandson
Unnamed Step-Great-Grandaughter
Mike Delfino - Step-Son-in-law
Morty Flickman is Sophie’s current husband – formerly known as her long time boyfriend – and Susan’s latest stepfather.


Season 1

He owns an expanding pancake diner. Morty first appears in "Children Will Listen" when Sophie makes Susan help her with the conflict between the two of them. It fails and the two end up fighting with Susan having to break it up. He appears once again in Sunday in the Park with George, where he proposes to Sophie.

Season 2

The two then get married in season 2.


  • Newhart is one of Cherry's comedic idols and he was the first choice for the role. According to Cherry: "Morty had to be played by someone who you couldn't believe would actually hit a woman—an actor where, once you saw Morty, you just laughed, and that's why he was perfect."

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