Pat Crawford Brown
Pat Crawford Brown
Character Ida Greenberg
Season(s) 1,2,3,4
Date of Birth June 29, 1929
Origin New York City, New York, USA
IMDb profile

Pat Crawford Brown portrays Ida Greenberg in the first 4 seasons of Desperate Housewives


Pat Crawford Brown (born June 29, 1929) is an American actress, aunt of American folksinger/songwriter Christine Lavin (who adores her Aunt Patsy). Brown has appeared in such films as Sister Act, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, Reality Bites, Little Giants, Romy & Michele's High School Reunion, Jack Frost, Forces of Nature, Daredevil, Stuck on You, You Me and Dupree and Norbit. In addition, Brown has guest-starred on over 100 television shows, including L.A. Law, Coach, Quantum Leap, Growing Pains, Murder She Wrote, The Wonder Years, The New Adventures of Superman, Married with Children, Home Improvement, ER, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Ellen, Beverly Hills 90210, The Drew Carey Show, Suddenly Susan, 3rd Rock from the Sun, NYPD Blue, Lizzy McGuire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Judging Amy, Monk, Ghost Whisperer, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, CSI and Desperate Housewives, where she played Ida Greenberg for four seasons.


Crawford has starred or appeared in the following:

Year Title Role
1985 Do You Remember Love (Television Film) Woman
1986 "The Twilight Zone (Television) Mrs. Finnegan (1 episode)
1987 "Sledge Hammer! (Television) Woman at bar (1 episode)
1987 L.A. Law (Television) Jury Foreman #2 (2 episodes)
1987 Highway to Heaven (Television) Betty (1 episode)
1988 18 Again! (Film) Old Lady
1988 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Film) Mrs. Meeker
1988 Liberace: Behind the Music (Television Film) Nancy
1989 Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (Film) Secretary
1989 Moonlighting (Television) Cleaning Lady (1 episode)
1989 "Dear John (Television) Mom (1 episode)
1989 Mama's Family (Television) Joanne Mickley (1 episode)
1989 "The Famous Teddy Z (Television)  ? (1 episode)
1990 Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Film) Nurse
1990 "A Brand New Life (Television) Mrs. Sayley (1 episode)
1990 "Designing Women (Television) Constance
1990 The Bradys (Television) Passerby on sidewalk, Mabel (2 episodes)
1990 Knots Landing (Television) Owner (2 episodes)
1990 A Gnome Named Gnorm (Film) Female Mourner
1990 "Dream On (Television) Frieda (1 episode)
1990 Quantum Leap (Television) Woman (1 episode)
1990 Carol & Company (Television) Miss Underwood (1 episode)
1991 Matlock (Television) Mrs. Burnett (1 episode)
1991 Get a Life (Television) Aunt Molly (1 episode)
1991 Growing Pains (Television) Kathleen (1 episode)
1991 Sins of the Mother (Television Film) Foreman
1991 Amen (Television) Winnie (1 episode)
1991 The Rocketeer (Film) Mrs. Pye
1992 Demonic Toys (Film) Mrs. Micaels
1992 Empty Nest (Television) Melba
1992 Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue (Film) Mrs. Earlane
1992 Sister Act (Film) Choir Nun
1992 Bodies of Evidence (Television) Mrs. Polk (1 episode)
1992 Middle Ages (Television)  ? (1 episode)
1992 Step by Step (Television) Mrs. Hill (1 episode)
1989-92 Murder, She Wrote (Television) Woman, Cashier (2 episodes)
1992 The Wonder Years (Television) Mrs. Ruebner (2 episodes)
1992 Dinosaurs (Television) Stenographer (1 episode)
1992 Time Trax (Television) Paul's Wife (1 episode)
1993 Homefront (Television)  ? (1 episode)
1993 Love Is Like That (Film) Woman in Pink
1993 The John Larroquette Show (Television) Chris' Mom (1 episode)
1993 Based on an Untrue Story (Television Film) Judge
1993 Fugitive Nights: Danger in the Desert (Television Film) Martha
1993 Bakersfield P.D. (Television) Woman (1 episode)
1993 Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (Film) Choir Nun
1994 Reality Bites (Film) Cashier
1994 Tom (Television) Miss Broch (1 episode)
1994 Little Giants (Film) Louise
1994 Mad About You (Television) Neighbor (1 episode)
1995 Hearts Afire (Television) Landlady (1 episode)
1994-95 Sister, Sister (Television) Maid, Ms. Little (2 episodes)
1990-95 Murphy Brown (Television) Mrs. Sister Mary Margaret O'Brien (3 episodes)
1995 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Television) Mrs. Macarthy (1 episode)
1995 Married with Children (Television) Bingo Caller (1 episode)
1995 Kirk (Television) Aunt Zelda (1 episode)
1996 Deadly Games (Television) Woman (1 episode)
1996 The Crew (Television) Ida (1 episode)
1996 Home Improvement (Television) Mrs. Kluzewsk (1 episode)
1996 ER (Television) Mrs. Votey (1 episode)
1996 The Faculty (Television) Alice Munson (1 episode)
1994-96 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Television) Nurse, Lady (2 episodes)
1996 Ellen (Television) Rose (1 episode)
1996 Unhappily Ever After (Television) Sadie Glickstein (1 episode)
1996 Dark Skies (Television) Clarice Brown, Hotel Clerk (1 episode)
1996 The Pretender (Television) Millie Reynolds (1 episode)
1996 Beverly Hills, 90210 (Television) Salvation Army Soldier (1 episode)
1996 Claude's Crib (Television) Old Lady (1 episode)
1997 Chicago Sons (Television) Woman (1 episode)
1997 Profiler (Television) Sister Mary (1 episode)
1997 Soul Man (Television) Gladys (1 episode)
1997 Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (Film) Truck Stop Waitress
1989-97 Coach (Television) Mrs. Thorkelson (12 episodes)
1997 George & Leo (Television)  ? (1 episode)
1997 Caroline in the City (Television) Sadie (1 episode)
1997 Alright Already (Television) Lina (1 episode)
1997 Night Man (Television)  ? (1 episode)
1997 Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard (Straight to Video) Margaret Lattimer
1998 Johnny Skidmarks (Film) Mrs. Starkey
1998 Fired Up (Television) Sister Mary Grace (1 episode)
1998 Something So Right (Television) Mrs. Van Owl (1 episode)
1998 The Godson (Film) Mrs. Thorkelson
1998 The Brian Benben Show (Television) Heddy Bolinski (1 episode)
1998 DiResta (Television) Grandma Wooly-Hat (1 episode)
1998 Guys Like Us (Television) Mary (1 episode)
1998 Jack Frost (Film) Scorekeeper
1998 L.A. Doctors (Television) Old Lady Patient (1 episode)
1999 Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (Television) Librarian (1 episode)
1999 Forces of Nature (Film) Florence
1999 The Norm Show (Television) Mrs. Leftkowitz (1 episode)
1999 Grown Ups (Television) The Elderly Woman (1 episode)
1999 Malcolm & Eddie (Television) Peeping Tonya (1 episode)
1999 The Drew Carey Show (Television) Mrs. Hopkins (1 episode)
1997-99 Suddenly Susan (Television) Freida, Mildred (2 episodes)
2000 Playing Mona Lisa (Film) Grandma Ida Weinberg
2000 3rd Rock from the Sun (Television) Mrs. Larson (1 episode)
1997-2000 NYPD Blue (Television) Mrs. Klein, Old Woman (2 episodes)
2001 The Woman Every Man Wants (Film)  ?
2001 The Division (Television) Pappy Johnson (1 episode)
2001 Nikki (Television) Mrs. Hierbaum (1 episode)
2001 These Old Broads (Television Film) Miriam Hodges
2001 State of Grace (Television)  ? (1 episode)
2001 Danny (Television) Mrs. Landis (1 episode)
2001 The Medicine Show (Television) Crickety Nurse (1 episode)
2001 The Steve Harvey Show (Television) Ms. Hirschfeld (1 episode)
2001 The Proud Family (Television) Agnus (1 episode)
2002 Lizzie McGuire (Television) Mrs. Robinson (1 episode)
2002 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Television) Old Lady (1 episode)
2000-02 Judging Amy (Television) Waitress Louise, Waitress Polly (2 episodes)
2002 MDs (Television) Very Old Woman (1 episode)
2003 A.U.S.A. (Television) Grandmother (1 episode)
2003 Daredevil (Film) Old Lady on Plane
2003 The Bernie Mac Show (Television)  ? (1 episode)
2003 Life with Bonnie (Television) Candy (1 episode)
2003 Stuck on You (Film) Mimmy
2004 Memron (Television Film) Mrs. Westerfeld
2004 Monk (Television) Nana Parlo (1 episode)
2004 Arrested Development (Television) Old Woman (1 episode)
2004 Strong Medicine (Television) Millie - Pharmacist (1 episode)
2002-2004 Gilmore Girls (Television) Mrs. Cassini (4 episodes)
2005 Jack & Bobby (Television) Old Lady (1 episode)
2005 Crazylove (Film) Old Lady
2006 Emily's Reasons Why Not (Television) Grandma Beatrice (1 episode)
2006 You, Me and Dupree (Film) Aunt Kathy
2006 El Cortez (Film) Helena
2006 The War at Home (Television) Kathy (1 episode)
2007 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Television) Female Dental Patient (1 episode)
2007 Norbit (Film) Mrs. Henderson
2007 Ghost Whisperer (Television) Bertha (1 episode)
2007 Raines (Television) Glaucoma sufferer (1 episode)
2007 General Hospital: Night Shift (Television) Mrs. Storch (3 episodes)
2004-07 Desperate Housewives (Television) Ida Greenberg (28 episodes)
2008 Dark Streets (Film) Delores
2008 10 Items or Less (Television) Mrs. Brown (1 episode)
2008 Uncross the Stars (Film)  ?
2008 Caught on Tape (Film) Neighbor
2008 Super Capers (Film) Gertrude

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