Rodney Scavo
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Rodney Scavo
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Family members
Allison Scavo - Ex-wife
Tom Scavo - Son
Peter Scavo - Son
Theresa Scavo - Daughter
Porter Scavo - Grandson
Preston Scavo - Grandson
Parker Scavo - Grandson
Penny Scavo - Granddaughter
Paige Scavo - Granddaughter
Kayla Huntington - Granddaughter
Unnamed Great-Grandaughter
Lynette Scavo - Daughter-In-Law
Lois McDaniel - Ex-Girlfriend
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Rodney Scavo is Tom's father, appearing in "Your Fault".


Rodney Scavo is Tom's father, married to Allison, who is Tom's mother. Rodney comes for a visit to see the family and Lynette winds up walking in on him with a woman who is not his wife. When Rodney refuses to be ashamed for his actions, Lynette tosses him out of the house. His visit spurs a frank conversation between the Scavos about commitment and fidelity. And then, when Tom admits to Lynette that he knew about his father's affairs and isn't that bothered by it, Lynette tosses him out.

Later, Lynette tries to make things up with Tom, but also insists she'll leave Tom if he ever cheats on her. Tom confided in him that he has a secret, one that Lynette doesn’t know about, revealing that he may not be the perfect husband – later it turns out to be the fact that during the last months he'd been working with his old girlfriend, Annabel Foster.