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Samuel Bormanis
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Samuel "Sam" Bormanis is portrayed by Bruce Jarchow. He was the attorney hired by Andrew Van de Kamp to help enable him to be emancipated.


Samuel "Sam" Bormanis is Andrew's lawyer whom he gets to emancipate him. Bree is polite and civil with him, as always, despite his role as Andrew's lawyer. Noting her consummate civility, he tells Andrew that presentation is paramount in open court, and that if Bree knows anything it is presentation. He advises Andrew that if he really wants to be free of his mother, his best chance is to convince her that she is better off without him. This leads Andrew to tell Bree that he will accuse her of sexual molestation if he doesn't get his way. In "Everybody Says Don't", Sam interrogates Lynette Scavo for the record, and she lies to him, taking back all the things she had stated about Bree's alcoholism, because she believes Andrew too is lying just to get his hands on his trust fund. Sam prepares his case to take it to court, but Andrew's grandfather, also a lawyer, shows up and asks the judge to put the trial on hold.

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